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Internet Explorer 9: Discovering the New and Improved Features

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Monday March 14, 2011 marked the release of the 9th version of Internet Explorer (IE).  This time around Microsoft stated that they have placed more of an emphasis on user feedback.  During the IE 9 Beta testing period the company had received a lot of suggestions that they really took to heart and implemented.  With these suggestions and implementation their goal was to make Internet Explorer 9 the best version possible.

internet explorer 9

from March 2011

The number of people using the Internet Explorer web browser is not as solid as it once was because users now have the options of other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Causing the number of IE users to slowly decline over the past couple years, each of the other browsers offers its users certain benefits and has elements that customers gravitate toward. For example Firefox has an enormous collection of add-ons that allows a user to customize their browser environment and web experience.

Although the new release of Internet Explorer offers some pretty cool and exciting features it’s unlikely that the users that have already jumped ship will return. However the elements of IE9 may prevent future users from switching browsers which could be crucial since Firefox 4 was released on March 22, 2011.  Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the other available browsers it is safe to say that this new version of Internet Explorer is better than any of its predecessors.

So, what are the new features of Internet Explorer 9?

Increased performance, enhanced design, better usability, and stronger safety are just a few of the features that the new version has to offer. The following is a closer look at some of the key elements that make IE9 the best version of Internet Explorer thus far.

Power and Performance:

Internet Explorer 9 offers a faster installation process that requires fewer customer based decisions during the process. The browser launches faster than ever and with the improved JavaScript engine web pages load much faster than before and still maintain rich smooth graphics.  This version incorporates better graphic capabilities and when combined with Windows 7 it is said to provide the best web experience for viewers.

Design and Usability:

  • Initially the new stripped down design may require some time to get acquainted with.
  • The layout is similar to earlier versions of IE but much of the unnecessary distractions have been relocated or completely removed.
  • The new tab page allows you to manage your favorite sites and gives you the option to open one of your most visited sites or continue with a site that has not yet been stored.
  • The color coded customizable tabs create a quick identification and navigation process.
  • The ability to pin your favorite sites to the Windows 7 task bar just like Windows 7 programs adds an easier method of accessing your favorite sites and makes them a convenient fixture to your desktop.
  • The new notification bar consolidate your messages, displays them at the bottom of the screen, and no longer interrupts your browsing experience until you decide when it is time to acknowledge them.
  • The message that a user encounters within the notification bar is clearer, incorporates more information, and makes the notifications easier to address.
  • The Navigation buttons and tasks are clearly visible due to the minimal yet efficient interface. The back button is not emphasized and even displays the icon for the last visited web page.
  • The search and navigation are all located in the same box. The one box is located at the top of your browser and allows you to navigate to a webpage or perform a search just as you would in an actual search engine. The Address bar accepts URL’s as well as keywords or phrase.  Uses can change which search engine they want their results to appear from by selecting the drop down arrow in the search box.
  • The simple and clean design emphasizes the website rather than the web browser. Most of the screen space is devoted to view a website with only the search bar and tabs located at the very top of the browser.

Maintenance and Security:

  • The ActiveX Filtering guide enables you to block all sites requiring it and allows you to grant permission as you see fit. 
  • The add-on performance advisor monitors and identifies and alerts you to any add-ons that may be slowing down your user experience. 
  • The Compatibility View option enables the browser to view pages as an older version.  If a page is not compatible or displays incorrectly the broken page button by the search box gives users the option to view the page in the IE older format. Once viewed in the older format the browser will remember this action and always display the page correctly from then on.
  • The Cross Site Scripting Filter prevents cross-site scripting attacks which are the leading online threat. 
  • The Domain Highlighting feature alerts you to malicious sites by highlighting the sites URL in red.  
  • The new Download Manager lets you monitor and interact with all of your current downloads.  In addition it also acts as a SmartScreen filter to protect your computer from harmful downloads.
  • The SmartScreen Filter alerts you to any possible threats and provides Anti-Phishing protection, Application reputation, and Anti-Malware protection.
  • The In-Private browsing feature allows you to avoid leaving a trail of your search history.
  • In the event of a lost connection your browser will automatically restore itself with the previous sessions in tacked.  In addition if an individual website crashes the incident will only affect that isolated tab and will not interfere with any of the other open tabs.

Although some of these features have been seen before in the other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 has still managed to introduce a few elements that the others don’t offer. To see a full list of comparisons visit Chrome vs. Firefox vs. IE9.  Whether this version is better than the competition depends on the preferences of the individual user but there is no denying that this version of IE is a major improvement over the past Internet Explorers.  Check back with us next week as we review the new features of Firefox 4 and see how it measures up to the latest IE9.

Download and experience all of these great features at Microsoft IE 9 Download.

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