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I was finishing up some work for a customer on the last day to submit a tax extension when my computer locked up from a virus. I called Computer Fitness frantic, they calmed me and had my computer up and working in 30 minutes. Thanks ComputerFitness, you guys rock!

Martin T, Owner
Acoounting and Tax Services
Catonsville, MD
Relationship since August 2009


Chesapeake Digital is a great asset to our small non-profit operation. They are always available to maintain our network, repair PC's, set up new hardware, or install software. Our computers are extremely important to us on a day to day basis. Sean and his team are eager to keep us operational while helping us stay within our budget.

Dennis K., Business Manager
Non-Profit, 2010
Randallstown, Maryland
Relationship since August 2009


Our computer systems are the life blood of our business. If we have software or hardware issues we are not effective and therefore are not making money. Not to mention all of our employees are happy when our computer systems run well.  The folks at Chesapeake Digital keep our systems running optimally and therefore we are able to be profitable. We enjoy their proactive, professional, and diligent skill and work ethic. Oh and they are friendly and thoughtful too; and they translate technical terminology into plain understandable English. They are always available to us when we are in need which is very comforting. We consider Chesapeake an enormous asset.

Stuart T., Partner
Logistics Company, 2011
            Baltimore, Maryland
Relationship since August 2009

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