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  Helpful computer tools:
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Diagnostic Tools

  Fresh Diagnose - diagnostics about CPU, memory, drivers, virtual devices, and interrupts.
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Computer Optimization

  TreeSize Professional – Hard Drive Graphical Space Manager – (tells you where those large files and folders are hiding)
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Security Software

  Ad-Busting – AdAware
Anti-Spyware – SpyBot Search & Destroy, SpywareGuard, SpywareBlaster
Anti-Spyware – Exterminate-It Exterminate-It (free trial)
Antivirus - AVG Antivirus (freeware)
Firewall – PC Tools Firewall Plus (freeware)
Safe Browsing - Ad Annihilator
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Tech Support Tools

  Screen shots and screen casts of your computer – Jing Project
  CCleaner removes useless files
Revo Uninstaller uninstalls programs and cleans up leftover registry keys
The Best Keylogger
  Registry Cleaner - Registry Mechanic 8.0
Hard drive cleaner - DiskPie Pro 2
Network monitoring tool - NetGong
  Secure file deletion - BC Wipe
Create secure, hidden folders on your machine - My Lockbox
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Virus Removal - Antivirus

  McAfee stand-alone utility to detect and remove specific viruses. McAfee Stinger
  Virus Removal tools for specific viruses:
Trend Micro™ HijackThis™
Symantec Removal Tools
Panda Software
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Malware - Spyware

  Tools for stubborn malware:
Norton Power Eraser
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - We’ve used this before and had great results on malware that was eluding anti-virus software
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Apple - Mac Tools

  iWeb SEO Tool - Helps users designing sites with iWeb get some SEO Basics

FileJuicer - Extracts media from other files

TrueCrypt - Free encryption tool that assists with data as well as possible cautions when securing files

OfficeTime - Project tracking tool to help with billing, etc for multiple projects
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Computer Productivity Tools

  Blink! - Free facial recognition login add-on for Win7 (64-Bit)
  Bytescout Watermarking - Watermarking software
  Effective File Search - Very Good Search Tool for Windows computers
  RoboForm - Handles logins, forms, radio buttons, check boxes, etc automatically
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